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Gunks rock climbing challenge,Gunks climbing helmet

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  • Release on:2016-06-06
The Mohonk Preserve is part of a much larger area called the Shawangunk Ridge (aka “The Gunks”). The Gunks are world class climbing cliffs which draw thousands of rock climbers and boulderers each year.
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The Shawangunk Ridge is a ridge of bedrock extending from northern New Jersey to the Catskills Mountains. The ridge is widest (7.5 miles) near the Catskills in the north and most narrow (1.25 miles) in the middle. At a maximum height of 2,289ft (from sea level), the Shawangunk Ridge rises above a high plain to the east which stretches all the way to the Hudson River. The Shawangunk Ridge is made up of a quartz conglomerate making the exposed rock very hard and resistant to weathering.

With an average height of around 150ft (maximum 300ft), it’s no wonder why the climbing areas in The Gunks are some of the best climbing in the world.
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Mr Muskett, 19 from North Wales, said: "The limestone is very compact, which means there are few handholds and those that there are are very small and difficult to use.

"The route is also very difficult as you're never in the sun and constantly suffering from cold hands which makes it difficult to climb."

Mr Muskett’s climbing partner, Mr Macleod, 35, from the Scottish Highlands, is considered one of the best all-round climbers in the country.
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Mr Muskett said: "It is perhaps the most dangerous face in the world due to the relatively few number of ascents it receives per year and the high number of deaths.

"The views were stunning and the whole experience of spending several days on such an infamous wall along with high end climbing difficulty left us pretty exhausted both physically and mentally.

Paciencia was first climbed in 2008 by the Swiss Alpinist Ueli Steck after seven years of effort and repeated by David Lama.

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