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Helmet supplier for climbing cavern adventures some useful tips

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  • Release on:2016-07-07
This is aurora helmet supplier - climbing cavern adventures some useful tips :
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Planning to take the Cave Connection Spelunking Tour, too? Let me share with you some tips that you might want to consider. These tips are the same with the ones I posted for Sumaguing Cave. I just added a couple more notes. 
  • 1. Wear a sturdy pair of sandals with a good grip. While shoes make perfect sense in many trekking tours, a pair of sandals with straps around the ankles and feet will work best (I think). Although many visitors who wear flip-flops complete the tour scratch-free, I do not recommend this to everyone because it tends to slide everywhere especially on wet areas of the cave. There are slippery parts so make sure your footwear has good grip. 
  • 2. Bring a flashlight. Get the type that you can strap around your head. Your guide will bring a powerful lamp (sounds magical, huh?) but it pays to have a light source that you can control so you can see more and better. 
  • 3. Wear light clothes. You WILL get wet and dirty. There are pools (and they are really cold) inside and you will have to dip in them in the course of the tour. There are shower rooms at the store near the mouth of Sumaguing Cave. Should you wish to take a shower, you may use them for a minimal fee.
  • 4. Bring a waterproof, shockproof camera. You can still use an ordinary camera and let one of the guides hold it for you, though. They really have this Spiderman-like balance-thing going on about them that they seem to not slide or fall or whatever. But to be on the safe side, just bring a water-proof, shock-proof camera. 
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  • 5. Implement a buddy system especially if you’re a big group. The guides always check if the group is complete. You can make it easier for them if you do a buddy system. 
  • 6. Listen to your tour guide. They go in, around, and out of this cave more often than you can imagine. They know what they’re talking about. Listen to them. It’s for your own safety and pleasure.
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