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How to identify the quality of helmets

  • Author:Lisa
  • Source:Rock bicycle helmet
  • Release on:2015-12-31
With the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, More and more people choose the bike for the transportation. However, when you ride on the road,you need some protective equipment like bike helmet,googles ,soft pads and so on to protect your head and body. Now,I would like to share some experience that how to identify the quality of the bicycle helmets:

1、Shell: divided into two kinds of materials PVC and PC, Generally,The PVC used for out mold bike helmets and the PC used for in mold bicycle helmets.
Because of the high cost of PC shell,so the inmold cycling helmets will be more expensive. The inmold helmets are more durable and cold-resistant, even several degrees below zero are no problem, PVC material is not cold-resistant, But the price of the PVC meterials were relatively cheap, The entry-level riders generally use more.
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2. EPS foam: EPS is the most important part of the whole helmets.Usually the EPS is divided into three colors: white, black, gray.The black and gray material is the imported raw materials.
Generally,The inmold helmets' density is above 85 can be considered to be safe, how to identify it? If you are not so professional,Maybe it's difficult to identify, the general approach is push by your finger, test if the EPS would trip in. if you have depression, proved insufficient density, if the recess is more serious,It's better not to buy this helmets.Many people will think only if the helmets is light, wear comfortably. Yes, lightweight helmets wears very comfortable,But be sure to pay attention to the density enough,Because some helmets' weight is light since the density is not enough.If the density of the helmet is not enough, It is not safe.
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3. Adjustor: Regulators are used to adjust and fixed the helmets,also is more critical parts.The regulator is plastic, The quality depends on if it can durable the high temperature or low temperature.The tapes of the helmets are key areas, If it's hard,it would be easy to break.So,you should care this part when you choose the bike helmets.
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Hope this small tips can help you choose the helmets more better.