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If you never have a try, you will never know what you can.

  • Author:Aurora
  • Source:climbing in the mountain
  • Release on:2016-01-01

There is an new outgoing activity for our team in the December, we wear our factory hot selling climbing helmet and climbing in the artifical mountain which in ShenZhen,most people enjoy the weekend time with family and friend together,it make everyone feel very happy and pleasure.

Everyone of our team are do our best to climbing the mountain, even thought we have never hvae a try before. When we climbing in the mountain,many times we want to give up, but we all encourage each other step by step. Finally we arrive the top of the mountain.

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Also as a sales which working in helmet factory,we are very glad to help everyone know this helmet knowledge, so that we talked with someone,focus one how to wear helmet in correct position,how can protect the helmet very well,why should have helmet when climbing.We are very glad to do so.

We believe as a helmet manufacture with independ R&D capacity in China, we must can make your product with key feature to gain the market.