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New helmet regulations: The difficulty of finding the proper ski helmet

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  • Source:suppliers
  • Release on:2015-11-06
As we get closer to the start of the ski and snowboard season, finding the right helmet can be difficult for riders. Aurora sport ,your China helmet specialist,We are a direct helmet manufacturer with independent R&D capabilities.

Dr. Kylie Bosman sees countless skiers and snowboarders come into the emergency room at Collingwood General and Marine Hospital ever year, many of them with head injuries. Dr. Bosman says a helmet has made a big difference. 

“There are lots of cases that I can think of that you have an alert and conscious, copus patient and you have a look at their helmet and their helmet looks like an egg, a cracked egg and you think that could have been their head,” says Dr. Bosman. 
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More than 80 percent of skiers and snowboards are now wearing helmets but getting a helmet that meets safety standards can be tough. 

In Canada, ski or snowboard helmets don’t have to be certified. The Canadian Standards Association has set a standard but currently no manufacturers are making helmets to meet it. 

So what do you look for? 

“We recommend, sort in ascending order, the European CEN, the American ASTM, there’s also Snell and RS-98,” says Paul Pinchbeck, Canadian Ski Council President. 

Pinchbeck say right now it’s buyer beware. There are helmets that look great but don’t meet any standards. 
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“That silver sticker in there is in fact what you’re looking for when you buy your helmet. Always look for the sticker, firmly affixed inside the helmet, a slip of paper doesn’t cut it,” adds Pinchbeck. 

Ski officials and health care professionals say when you are purchasing a helmet, don’t buy used, you should only buy a new helmet. Helmets are only good for one hard fall and then they need to be replaced. And a helmet needs to fit properly.
“A lot of kids are wearing perhaps equipment that doesn’t fit very well, toques underneath their helmets, certainly we see helmets with chin straps hanging, rather than fit tightly under their chin,” adds Dr. Bosman. 
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Once you have a helmet, it’s recommended you take care of it, don’t drop it or let it roll around in your vehicle. That can damage the helmet just as though you’ve had a bad fall.Welcome to click the link http://www.helmetsupplier.com to find a most suitable ski helmet.:)