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Routine maintenance bike helmet tips

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmets Manufacturers
  • Release on:2017-02-10
Most people think that new bike helmet light, but gloss over time is earlier than ever before, even the EPS inner shell edge holes, some helmets really smell great, which are caused by not knowing how to maintain helmet. Daily helmets here let me tell you some maintenance tips.
子供の自転車ヘルメット サプライヤー
First US helmet shell keep helmet gloss is a matter of contradiction, because helmet shine is due to our daily ride by the Sun's ultraviolet rays and from the surrounding dust clinging to the helmet, it lost its former luster. Although we cannot avoid, but at least we'll have to find a way to make gloss last longer, for two main reasons; first of all, I suggest you not to go out in the scorching noon, the best choice for the morning and afternoon.

Molding helmet do not isolate and rain-proof, or will soon be open. There is each time you come back with a cotton cloth stained with alcohol (denatured alcohol) or white oil wipe surface of the helmet, do not use hard cloths to wipe, which will scratch helmet shell! Dust removing stains on the surface of the helmet and, conditional on and packed the car with wax, thus more luster. Some bikers riding accidentally spent a helmet on something hard, so we're going to fix it, the method is simple, is to use a common toothpaste is on top of the scratches, cotton cloth repeatedly rubbing back and forth, so that you can make scratches much smaller, smaller it becomes less obvious.
中国ヘルメット サプライヤー、
For within shell EPS on not need what maintenance, but time a often edge no package shell of place on will pitted no original so round Shun has, for these sag down not deep of place, we on with screwdriver of knife Rod parts slightly to forced to sense pressure concave down of around protruding of place, is put high of place by down is and SAG down of as flat on can has. Remember screwdriver tool bar to select the circle and moves to press, press cannot stay in one place! For those sag down compared deep of place, we on with daily used to smoked mosquito of mosquito-repellent incense, first put it points with, then with points with of part on with sag down of place to roast about, EPS a met high temperature on will sent bubble, dang see sag down of place peace of place as Shi, on moved open mosquito-repellent incense, if effect not ideal on again with screwdriver to press, on will and original as has.
バイク ヘルメット メーカー
Then the next step is lined with daily cleaning; generally I suggest you come back to clean lined. When removing the lining, don't suddenly with great power to rip, very easy back lining Velcro and lined with down and immediately paste the effect is not as good as the original. Sometimes torn lining. Removing the liner should not be placed in the washing machine to wash or to paint with a brush, so easy to make lining deformation to the elastic. Just soak in it plus a laundry detergent or detergent in the water for a few minutes, then hand rub a little bit a few times, then rinse it with clean water and dry it.

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