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How to pick a suitable helmet?

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmets Manufacturers
  • Release on:2017-02-13
Pick the helmet must fit comfortable. Check fit, may wear a helmet left and right swing. The skin of the forehead can be moved, but the helmets without sliding back and forth. In any case, always remember to tighten strap.

Choice of colors and vents:
 road cycling helmets

Colour:White reflects light, black heat this all clear, So in the summer the outdoor light helmet more comfortable black helmet looks cool.

In addition, there are pink, red and transparent helmet, we are according to the customer's preferences to assist in the selection.

Appearance of vent selection: as shown in the figure

bike road helmets

Figure can be seen on the right side of the helmet with 6 vents, and the left side of the helmet on the forehead with the back of the 4 extra vents, and middle 187 between between 2, we can according to climate and environmental choices are more suitable for the ventilation system. 10 hole in the helmet is the widest utility rates, full head dissipate during the movement process.

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