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The origins of Valentines

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmets Manufacturers
  • Release on:2017-02-14
Following is the Aurora helmet factory origins in the Web finishing on a Valentine's story:

When the Third Century ad, a tyrant of the ancient Roman called Claudius. Not far from the Palace of the tyrant, there is a very beautiful temple. Monk Valentine lived here. The Romans revered him, men and women, rich and poor, high or low, there will always cluster around him, in front of the altar of raging flame, listening to Valentine's prayers.
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Wars of ancient Rome has been continuous, tyrant Claudius recruited a large number of residents going to the battlefield, it is heard everywhere. Men do not want to leave the family, boys could not bear and lover separated. Claudius rage, he was not allowed to hold the wedding, and even all engaged immediately broke off their engagement. So many young people bid farewell to love, grief and indignation towards the battlefield. Young girls because of the lost lover, depression and grief.

Valentine were very sad about the abuses of tyrants. When a couple approached the temple asked for his help, the tiles in the sacred altar quietly held a wedding for them. As Word of mouth, a lot of people come here, Valentine was formed with the help of a partner.
The origins of Valentines
News finally entered the Palace, spread to the ears of tyrants. Claudius again furious, he ordered the soldiers stormed into the temple Valentine from a wedding being held next to the new towed into a Dungeon. People begged the tyrant he is free but all in vain and return. Valentine finally tortured to death in the Dungeon.

Grieving friends buried him yushengpula the Church. That day was February 14, the year 270 ad.

Aurora helmet factory, wish all lovers get married!