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Ski should pay attention to what?

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2018-01-12
Skiing is a race where athletes put their snowboards on the soles of their feet for speed, jumping and slipping.

Skiing originated in Scandinavian countries. Is a dynamic, very exciting sports. Beginners should first learn basic skiing techniques, ask an experienced ski instructor to systematically train you.
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Winter is here and the season of skiing is coming. What should we do when skiing? If you do not know, aurora helmet factory to tell you the following points:

1, we must promptly pay attention to the local climate and weather changes, weather changes preparedness.

2, first arrived at the ski resort should first understand the ski situation, to learn more about the height, slope, length, width and the surrounding snow conditions, according to their ski level to select the appropriate slide. Familiar with the location of the map a ski resort facilities, incident rescue and strict compliance with the provisions of the ski resort safety management. Pay attention to the ropeway opening hours and do not ride when unattended.
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3, Practice skiing should pay attention to gradual, During the training according to coaches and snow field staff arrangements and command to do, did not reach a certain level, do not go to the technical requirements of the snow area to ski, so as to avoid accidents.

4, in skiing, we should pay attention to maintaining a certain distance with others, so as to avoid collision. When more staff, should be adjusted to speed, not too fast too violent.

5, skiing is a more complex exercise, before skiing to some simple preparation activities.

6, in the larger area of the snow field, skiing should go back early, especially in the body fatigue, it is easy to get lost.

7, unfamiliar terrain, there is no guide, do not go too far into the original forest, because the snow filled, it is possible to flatten the traces of the snow board, so you lose the direction of difficult to find the circuit.

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