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Snowboard function and choice

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  • Release on:2018-01-15
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Snowboards are generally divided into alpine skis, cross-country skis, ski jumping, freestyle snowboard, snowboard and so on.

Alpine plate consists of multi-layer structure, including elastic material, core, fiberglass composite materials, polymer materials, metal edge and so on.

In the first choice of the length of the snowboard, the longest arm should not exceed the upper limit of the arm, the shortest should not be shorter than the hip. Choose a long snowboard, use it, fast, good stability. Short snowboard slow, easy to vibration, poor stability.
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For beginners, too long snowboard is not easy to control, turning more difficult is not conducive to improving their technical level, the best beginners to their own height plus 5 cm can be. Beginners should also use a more flexible snowboard. Because this skis encountered uneven snow surface is not easy to bump, braking effect is better, easier to operate.

Skilled skiers can choose longer skis. Elasticity slightly smaller, slightly heavier snowboards increase stability during gliding, allowing the ski's gold track edge to snugly catch on the snow, allowing skiers to fully manipulate the skis and slide out their beautiful arcs.
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The material of the snowboard floor is mainly made of plastic or polymer nylon material. The friction coefficient of the floor of the polymer material is small, which is better than that of the plastic bottom snowboard. The edge of the snowboard should be kept sharp at any time so that when you apply gravity to it, Skidding is said, and snowboarders used by professional skiers are said to be able to shave.

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