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Ultra safety carbon fiber snow helmet

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmet manufacturers
  • Release on:2017-08-09
It’s quite dangerous if you fall down during skiing at a certain speed, since it will easily to hurt head. Without helmet protection, the consequences are unthinkable. So we must wear snow helmet when we’re snowing. Choosing a high-quality snow helmet is pretty more important. 
 safety snow helmet
According to the material, the snow helmet is mostly made of PC, ABS or ABS + PC materials.The outstanding advantage of ABS is: you can paint and design your pictures easily. The PC is the best material of anti-impact plastic, with only half the thickness and weight of ABS, but the strength and toughness are twice as strong as ABS. But now the latest top material to make snow helmets is carbon fiber: quite strong but pretty ultralight! It's lighter than aluminum, but harder than steel, giving the head the best ultra safety protection. 
safety snow helmet
To offer a safety & comfort head protection, Aurora Sports design an exclusive carbon fiber snow helmet AU-S09 to customers. With Top floor orange carbon fiber + middle PC + high-density EPS reinforced frame, AU-S09 designed for expert skiers who enjoy looking classy while keeping maximum comfort on the slopes, this super safety helmet is a fusion of innovative design and engineering. AU-S09 guarantees an optimum wearing comfort, paired up with adjustable front-rear ventilation slots, a clever solution for a cool head in all weather conditions. Designed with careful attention to every detail, AU-S09 lets you focus only on the playground in front of you, while offering maximum protection.  With AU-S09, you’ll feel you’re ahead of the game. 
carbon fiber snow helmet
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