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What is equestrian?

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmet manufacturer
  • Release on:2017-08-21
Dressage, also known as pattern riding and horse riding equestrian, is the basis of equestrian sports, originated in the 4-5 century BC. At the beginning of the twentieth century, this dance became more artistic and ornamental, becoming an athletic project, and in 1912 officially became the Olympic Games. This item is very special: it is a match between men and women, there is no gender points.
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Dressage competition in the long 60 meters wide and 20 meters of flat sand, rider wearing a black wide-eaves hat, dressed in Yansheng loaded dance tail, pedal high boots, accompanied by melodious soothing melody, control horses in the The provisions of the 12 minutes to perform a variety of pace, to complete a variety of coherent, standardized action.

In the whole ride process, people with costumes, horse walking, rider and horse integration, while showing the strength and beauty, tension and rhythm, coordination and unrestrained, with a strong ornamental. No matter how complex the action, people and horses are looking leisurely, graceful, showing the highest level of riding art.
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The horse's dance is roughly divided into stop, slow, jerk, run, back, transition, half stop (half reduced), change in mind, graphics, horizontal movement hind limb rotation, Pasha Qi, Pierre, / Advancing, rider's posture and support.

Which is divided into short steps to shorten the pace, the middle of the slow, slow and slow pace of walking, fast step is divided into shortstart, work fast, middle fast and elongated fast, running is divided into shortening running, running , Middle running, stretching running, against running, simple variable foot and air variable foot, graphics are divided into circular, snake and 8-shaped and so on. 3 referees according to the order and standards of each action, according to the rider's posture, grace, difficulty to complete the situation and artistic accomplishments and other performance to score.
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