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What are the equestrian events of the Olympic Games?

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  • Release on:2017-08-23
The equestrian events of the Olympic Games are divided into three stages: dressing, hurdles and three races. Each group has a team and a personal gold medal.

2000 group of 10 athletes participating in the program, each team of four athletes, the 1998 World Championships in the top eight, the European Championship champion qualifying, the host country Australia team automatically qualify, each association reported a team The Individual project 50 athletes to participate in the removal of the group of 40 athletes, the remaining 10 athletes based on world rankings, each association up to two athletes.
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16 teams in each team, each of the four athletes in each team, the top six in the 1998 World Championships, the 1999 European champions, the African championship championship, and the host country, Australia, are automatically qualified. Each association Limited to 1 team; individual project 15 athletes to participate in, group project athletes can also participate in individual projects of the game, each association up to two athletes.
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The three teams of the three-day event group are selected by the World Championships, the World Championships, the Pan American Championships, the European Championships and other regional Olympic qualifiers. The Australian team of the host country is automatically qualified. The 36 athletes participated in the World Championships, Intercontinental Championships or Olympic qualifiers or the International Equestrian Federation announced the world ranking to determine the athlete qualification.
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Project Description:

1, pattern riding

Also known as the costume dance ride. During the race, the horse and the rider are required to complete a series of regulations and optional actions within 12 minutes of the 60 meters long and 20 meters wide site. To the rider to complete the action posture, demeanor, difficulty and other skills and artistic level score, scoring the highest ranking before the column. Tattoo riding Individuals were listed as Olympic Games in 1912. The group was listed as an Olympic Games in 1928.

2, 3 day race

Also known as comprehensive all-round equestrian events. Rider in 3 consecutive days to participate in three consecutive games, the first day of riding habits, the second day off-road race, the third day of the barrier game. To rank three points. Individuals and groups Two projects were listed as Olympic Games in 1912.

3, obstacle race

Athletes riding must be in accordance with the provisions of the route, the order of jump all obstacles. Penalty is negative points, the best score of zero points, fewer points before the fine column before the column. The Olympic Games are individual (included in 1900) and groups (included in 1912) two projects.
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