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Wear a helmet of six reasons

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-11-01
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1. my head very hard, do not need to wear a bike helmet
While you're sitting on a stationary bike, when you fall to the ground, your head is at 7 miles per hour, enough to lead you to a skull fracture and died.

2. I'm just dirt or grass and go slowly, don't have to wear a bike helmet
What does that prove? Look first, don't you stop faster than slower?

3. I never dress up Imaging children, so there's no need to wear a bike helmet
Of course not in the middle of 1970 when helmets are on sale for the first time and no one to buy.

4. I'm not wearing a helmet, but I have been living very well
According to this logic, despite the fact that today we have not vaccinate children, but they were still alive. Therefore, we should stop giving their children vaccinated?
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5. take the helmet feels silly
Security-conscious people can prevent his head hurt, hurt look is ugly.

6. I will not die
In the United States, a daily average of 2-3 in relation to bicycle fatalities occurred. 200-300 have been a permanent casualty of the brain every day. Use of bike helmets can prevent accidents.
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No matter in which country, cycling accidents have occurred. So each of the riders to respect their lives, wearing a bicycle helmet. Because you don't just live for yourself, your family is looking forward to your safe return by bike.

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