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Bicycle helmet quality accreditation

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-11-01
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1. bicycle helmet skin select

Appearance and shapes make up a large proportion of price, the more beautiful the price is more expensive, this depends on individual preferences and financial strength, many manufacturers use a different hat band, see personal habits to choose.
2. bicycle helmet ventilation options

Appearance of the helmet, 90% case is for others to look, and breathability that only you can know. If your budget is not much, it is recommended that you choose permeability good helmet, so you can avoid sweat kept dropping on your glasses. We can observe the shroud to determine helmet helmet for breathability.
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3. bike helmet weight selection

Most of the more than $ 10 helmets can do about 270G, the weight even long distances will not make you feel tired, so you don't have to care too much about helmets advertising weight indicators. Unless you are in order to race. To minimize weight, otherwise, not worth the extra money to buy super light weight helmet.

4. bicycle helmet comfort choice

This is a performance indicator must not compromise. Due to lack of bicycle helmets experience, does not take into account each country's people, head shape is different. So there may be pressure to wear, choose when you want to pay attention. No matter how good-looking appearance, as long as there is a little bit tight will not work, because the helmet does not like to wear shoes, you can't wear for a long time to get used to.
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If tight bike helmets, 30KM you may be nervous, leading to lack of concentration, is very dangerous. 

Comfort > permeability > Appearance > weight

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