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Why wear a helmet

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-11-02
Bicycle Helmets not only guarantee the security of the cyclists, but also improve the racing results. 
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As early as in the 1880 of the 19th century some cycling club first to discover the benefits of helmet use, and later, with the increase in hard asphalt and stone road, accidents also increased from head injuries while riding a bicycle, bicycle helmet will come into being.

Bicycle Helmets to protect the lives of cyclists are indisputable. According to the United States road safety research report indicated that: United States 1999 death toll 98% by bike without wearing a helmet, and people wearing a helmet in the crash so that they reduce the risk of head injuries by 85%, wearing a bicycle helmet not only makes people feel cool, and the ventilation holes on the helmet to allow the head to be cooler. Cool head are more likely to win in the race. 

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Finally, add a helmet protects the head works: wearing a helmet can make relatively slowly stop was hit in the head, without wearing a helmet on the ground when hit in the head, often cause bleeding of the brain edema and EPS helmet is to absorb the impact forces and prevent these incidents from happening.
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Bicycle helmets because they provide protection to vulnerable head, is essential equipment for cyclists.

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