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bike helmet manufacturers - why cyclists to wear helmets?

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-09-22
For many, many years ago, I was a bike newbie. Have some friends to ride a bike. We talked leisurely cycling warm-up, I talk too much accidentally hit the vehicle in front of the rear wheel, direct rollover. Sadness is just next to the gravel and hit my head on it. Since then I also wear a helmet on the road in the city.
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Another is at the beginning of last year. One day at noon on my own fragrant hills cross country. Late departure take most familiar routes. Ride on this road hundreds of times, and never had any major problems. Although this road there have been tragedies, but I didn't care. Hill met two acquaintances before, talk, just move on.

I remember finished under all difficulties. And have no memory of the ...

Then some friends took me to the hospital, and several other acquaintances came to see me. Looks didn't hurt, prescribe some medication and went home. Where a drug is the treatment of senile dementia. Bike broke, handlebar can no longer be used. The next week, I'm rotten, often difficult to focus the eyes, tell people things, and say forget the preceding sentence after sentence.
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About 2 weeks later I gradually recovered. This my life experience for the first time a serious concussion. Friends memories, in the second half of the road, where there are no any difficulties, I had a serious crash (still do not know what has hit), helmets, glasses were scrapped, then I go unconscious in the upper reaches of the mountain, receiving calls, nonsense, friends ask me where I sleep at home. All this is not mind control.

Fortunately, before meeting the two acquaintances, they changed their minds gone this path, see lost my car on the road, be aware of the accident, to Plains to look for me, was saved. This is two hours.
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If I was not wearing a helmet... I may not be able to feel the beauty of life... The past few years on the Hill see riders without helmets, my gentle reminder: wear a helmet!

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