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bicycle helmet factory, teaching you how to wear a helmet

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-09-21
Bicycle helmet factory, teaching you how to wear a helmet:
china helmet manufacturers
Helmet is one of the most important cycling accessories, by understanding the basic characteristics of the helmet more safe and comfortable ride for you is very important. So you should choose your helmet.

1: open the DrawString.

2: place the helmet level on the head, slowly tightening the belt until you feel comfortable.

3: adjust the band below the ears.

4: band after adjusting, tighten the band close to the jaw.

When you have completed the above action, ensure that the helmet was moved by no more than 1 inch (1 inch = 2.5400 cm), while helmets won't come off without having to release the band.
bicycle helmet factory
china helmet manufacturers to matters needing attention:

Whether or not you fall or crash, bikers should ride in replace helmets every five years. Because, although the helmet without collision, but sun exposure and erosion of sweat will make security bundle with aging, so weakened around the fitting system, damage to the helmet protection.

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