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how to choose a bicycle helmet, best bike helmet manufacturers

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  • Release on:2016-09-21
Selection of bicycle helmets, have the following points to keep you car faithful Note:
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First of all, in buying a bike helmet, be sure to check the selected label helmets to AQSIQ. Legal provisions in domestic sales of bicycle helmets must be in accordance with safety standards under the General Administration of quality supervision, can provide customers with sales. There are not legitimate product.

Secondly, in order to reduce injuries in the accident, bicycle helmets are equipped with a safety belt, and the band to make the helmet and the head more fit. So, be sure not to let security band become a foil helmet back and forth on both sides of the face and not tied.
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Finally, selected in accordance with the national certification of safety marking after the bicycle helmet, the next is to determine whether selected helmet comfort. Different bike helmets have different specifications, including bicycle helmets designed specifically for females. Riders in mind when buying a helmet, regardless of how accurate the measured size, are not personally tried to get good results. In order to ensure the comfort of riding helmets, car lovers should go to car shop, alone is not recommended or appreciation of others and bought not for his helmet.

In addition, the various basic styles of bicycle helmets can get everywhere. Sports helmets are very versatile, lighter road bike helmet, ventilation is good. The other hand, mountain bike helmet hit more resistance, more protection for the head, sometimes including the full protection of the face. Bicycle helmet mountain bike helmet is the final type, it offers the maximum protection, suitable for rough off-road terrain.
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Choose a light-weight, strong, breathable helmets should be having a large vent holes, good natural ventilation effect, strength, and comfort, the front of the headset also insect nets, is a thoughtful design. Past, mountain and highway helmet of a is big difference is, mountain helmet has brim, Highway No, but increasingly more of helmet design into can demolition brim, and increasingly more of people wearing helmet are not loaded brim has, actually brim of main role is shade, but must of negative role is block sight, this itself is a not harmonic of contradictions, can according to personal preferences select.

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