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bicycle helmet factory tell you that bicycle helmet consists of several components

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-09-21
Principle of bicycle helmets is to play a protective role by absorbing the impact of the collision. In other words, each Bike Helmets have foam layer, at the time of the accident, inner layer of foam cushioning to reduce accidents of collision damage. Traditionally, many bike helmets are made from EPS (polystyrene foam) material produced by. Once the EPS foam crushing distortion in an accident, cannot be recovered and used again.

In addition, there is the EPP (foamed polypropylene) foam lining of the helmet. Although EPP foam can be used again after the hit, but its strength than EPS foam to absorb shock. So, after many years of research and improvement. A combination of EPS or EPU (polyurethane) new protection foam Tau Re Up was born. Not only that, but in many riding bike helmet carbon fiber is used to reduce the weight of helmets.

Bicycle Helmets in General consists of 7 parts: 
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Cap shell: the outer shell of the helmet. In case of accidental collision, Cap is the first line of Defense for protecting head disperse impact strength.

Cap: the inner layer of foam inside the helmet. Second line of Defense is to protect the head. Mainly used to absorb the impact force to reduce injuries.

Buckles and hat (safety strap): used to fasten a helmet. Hat band below the ears on both sides, retaining ring location fix at throat. Note: after the buckle clasp, buckles and throat space you want to reserve 1 to 2 fingers, remember not too tight or too loose.

Hat: the hat is divided into fixed and adjustable in two ways. General road bike cycling helmet without brim. Brim's role is to avoid foreign bodies flying into the cyclists eye, and at the same time play a shading effect.

Porosity: pores are to help the head cooling and ventilation, can guarantee hair dry on a long ride. Pores more riders will feel cool, but lower the relative safety. General select an appropriate hole of the helmet.

Regulator: cycling helmet rear knob used to adjust the tightness. Riders according to their head size, adjust the helmet size.

Cushioning: cushioning can absorb ride to flush out the sweat as well as micro-vibrations.
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