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bike helmet--Life the most solid protection barrier for riding sports

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-09-21
Riding a bike in the fall will cause a lot of damage to the head, even if the rider is at low speed along the slope of a smooth ride in bike lanes, equally important safety issues. Wearing a bicycle helmet for the simple reason is also important – protect the head, and harm reduction. Relevant data show that, in more than 500 cases a year of cycling fatalities, 75% died due to fatal head injury. Medical studies have found that bike helmets can prevent the 85% of head injuries, and greatly reduce the degree of injury and fatality.
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Half-helmets bicycle helmets are divided into dedicated road (no Hat), road mountain dual-use (with removable brims). Similar to baseball or skating helmets. Full face helmet-helmet shape similar to a motorcycle helmet is generally downhill or climbing onto the car lovers.

Since the invention of the bicycle, it has become a good walking, leisure tool, especially after cycling becomes a competitive sport, people have added to it is loved. But as a winning sports to speed, security becomes an important issue. Then, people thought of the helmet. Bicycle Helmets not only guarantee the security of the cyclists, but also improve the racing results. As early as in the 1880 of the 19th century a number of clubs ride high-Wheeler who first discovered the benefits of helmet use, and later, with the increase in hard asphalt and stone road, accidents also increased from head injuries while riding a bike, helmet will come into being.
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Bicycle helmet was invented, many changes in its shape. Archaic round helmet, helmets became smaller along the edge, and vents have also been a lot of changes, really cool ventilation and aerodynamic principles.

Like today's AURORA helmet, the helmet is almost functional, since it helps absorption of moisture. In General, most of the helmets in the player fall backwards, what effect does not have. This attracted the attention of bike helmet manufacturers, AURORA company has developed a system to ensure the head firmly in the helmet. The company has also studied a number of patented regulator to adjust the helmet to ensure the suitability of the helmet.
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