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china bike helmet manufacturers: cycling considerations

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-09-21
En primer lugar, el asiento de la bicicleta no es fácil demasiado alto, debe ser flexible, evitar montar a caballo alrededor de meneo de caderas para reducir la fricción local. 
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Secondly, when riding the hips sit, legs balanced to prevent excessive force to form a tumor on the side. 

Third, menstruation, menstrual pads, shorts soft texture, and less during the menstrual period the best ride or not to ride a bike. 

There are also:
1. Car seats are too hard, a soft, foam bumpers that are available in the car seat, to reduce the friction of the seat on the genitals. 

2. Adjust the height and angle of seat. Saddle is too high, while he was riding around hip dislocation, easily causing perineal abrasions on the front part of the seat tilt, more likely to damage the perineum. 

3. Cycling for a long time, must pay attention to transform cycling posture, the body's Center of gravity has moved, in case of perineal a long time. 
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4. Early riding speed car, speed, not too fast, not a very long time until the body adapt to accelerated and after extra time. 

5, when riding a bike, if one finds perineal discomfort, time to find out the cause, due to car problems, timely removal or improvement, and to pay attention to rest, the symptoms go away and then ride if not eliminate symptoms, should be examined by a doctor to the hospital for treatment.
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