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helmet manufacturing bases in china, bicycle helmets suppliers

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  • Release on:2016-10-01
Aurora Sports has been providing full turnkey contract helmet oem service for over 20 years. Based in Taishan , China, Aurora Sports offers total solution to customers’ manufacturing needs. We’ve been providing helmet OEM, ODM services for many big clients, like Bell, Specialized, Giro, OGK, etc… 
helmet manufacturing bases in china
Head-protecting helmet fittings, military training, when wearing a hat, was an indispensable tool in people. It is a semicircle, mainly by the shell, lining and the suspension of three parts. AURORA - helmet manufacturing bases in China, bicycle helmets suppliers.
bicycle helmets suppliers
Usually, helmet of shell body are by strength high of material made, as metal, and engineering plastics, and Kay Fu pulled fiber and so on, through it of deformation to absorption most impact; lining material has sucking Khan, and warm, and shock of function, military helmet is often also has further slow impact, and prevent shell body debris injury and the head of function; hanging system is is between shell body and within lining Zhijian of part, usually can regulation, to adapted different of wearing who head type of difference.
helmets from china factory
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