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The new design of Adjustable helmet on the bikeThe new design of Adjustable helmet on the bikeThe new design of Adjustable helmet on the bikeThe new design of Adjustable helmet on the bikeThe new design of Adjustable helmet on the bikeThe new design of Adjustable helmet on the bike

The new design of Adjustable helmet on the bike

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  • Model no: AU-BM17
  • Slots: 21 slots
  • Weight: 250 g
  • Material: PC + EPS in the form of technology, ITW nylon chin strap buckle clasp, flexible patent buckle.
  • Size: M/L (58-62 cm)
  • Technology: technology in the form of
  • Certificate: CE EN 1078

The new design of Adjustable helmet on the bike

The description of this bike helmet: 

- Well ventilated, with a very cooling air tunnel and reasonable aero shape design.

-Spatial management of design: this design is very aerodynamic coefficient is small, in the process of a horse, people wear more cool.

-Mold TechnologyWhen the helmet impact, uniform the entire helmet force.

-High-quality eco-friendly high temperature resistant PC shell.

-High density EPS material is imported from America, 

-Accessories: adjustable chin strap with quick-release buckle; adjustment of the rear of the Castle; Super resistant against insects is not comfortable pads; 

-Certification: CE EN1078 certified for protection during impact.

Specifications This helmet on the bike:

Model No.  AU-BM17    bike helmet
 Material  EPS foam & PC environment in the form of technology
 Certification  CE EN1078
 Ventilation openings 21 air vents
 The color of the  PANTONE, custom
 Size/head circumference  M/L (58-62 cm)
 The weight of the 250 g
 parts for helmets Cam splitter, skid resistant quick release buckle, colorful removable strap, secure Advanced USB LED light, removable and washable padding
 MOQ 300pcs
 Package details PP bag + individual color box packaging + mastercarton

Detail photos This helmet on the bike:

Custom Accessories:

So far we have been manufacturing and exporting various types of helmets for more than 24 years. You can purchase the latest design-quality helmets here as well as customize your designs, because we can provide strong support for research and development. We offer various options for a custom service, you can select a different color, different helmet strap color, LOGO, custom service, Interior, room divider, color, various strap buckle color, and we are able to provide different head regulator and another color for Aperture.

latest helmets for bikes
latest helmets for bikes

Knowledge of the head circumference Cycling helmet design:

European headform:

Oval-shaped helmet is designed for riders head with a dimension which is very fit for Europeans. 

General of the headform:

Generic block helmet is designed for riders head with a dimension which is slightly longer than its front rear measurement on the side.

Asian headform:

And round in the shape of the helmet is designed for riders head with dimension, that is condierably suitable for Asians.

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Our test lab:

For the production of high-quality helmets, to learn not only from the theory of design, but also achieve progress from the test result! This is the reason why our factory equipped with professional test lab to ensure each and every design is a practical and accessible! Our test standard is more stringent than the requirements of the relevant certificate, therefore we can promise, model, which we certainly will pass the test of a third party!

bicycle helmet design


Below is our certificate: ISO9001, we have Royal patent, CE documents, and we have our own laboratory, that surely each our product can meet the requirements for testing

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Profile of our production:

Aurora is a sports helmet manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of all types of helmets. In-house design and R & D teams with established experience, enables a fast response to the Aurora sports demanding requirements and to create from scratch the entire programs and collections with strict quality standards.

bicycle helmet design

The production process is the helmet as below:

Silk screen  PC Tools blister  Production of PC blister  Trimming dug a hole  Raw materials for the different density of the EPS  EPS in mold tools  the helmet in the form of workshop  in forming machines  in mold tools  the production process in the mold  semi-finished cast helmet  IQC inspection  helmet, grinding  The internal padding of the production  plastic injection workshop  the Assembly line the Interior markings  packaging  Uk  installed counters.

bicycle helmet design


There are several advantages:

-Quality: with a strict quality control and excellent products

-OEM and ODM: we can provide OEM and ODM service for customers

-R & D team: Professional and independent a team of technical development

-Price: we have our own production line, cut the price to a minimum

-Patent: we are constantly introducing products of patented technology

-Service: the perfect after-sales service, so the satisfaction

bicycle helmet design

Express delivery:

International Express, air freight & sea transport are all well after agreement here! You can select all the possible transport you want and we will do our best to help! Already we have built long-term relationships with various shipping companies and shipping agent, all our efforts focus on providing the best shipping experience! Choose us, it will be easy to maintain a safe helmet all the time!

bicycle helmet design

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