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2016VR virtual reality helmet

  • Author:aurora
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  • Release on:2016-05-24
Oculus VR finally revealed a release window for its virtual reality headset Wednesday: Quarter 3 of 2016.

The result is what Aurora says is a device that produces virtual-reality experiences that are not easy to differentiate from the real world.
2016VR virtual reality helmet
Virtual reality is now a highlight at the year's biggest tech and game gatherings -- and it's practically swallowed the news cycle of GDC, typically thought of as a meeting place for developers to talk design and technique. Sony unveiled Morpheus at last year's GDC, making it the first virtual-reality device from one of the industry's largest game makers.

Sony's new concept now contains a revamped design, including the ability to push Morpheus off to the right side of your face to peer into the real world, rather than taking the entire headset off.

The device, Sony said, will be made available to customers in the first half of next year, though the company didn't say how much it will cost.
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Granted, the VR helmet doesn’t come with everything that you need to make it go, so to speak, but this is a heck of a technological artifact from the heady days of the 1990s and the beginning of widespread adoption of the Internet. And just look at my picture above–how cool is that?! I look like I should be in techno-movie like The Lawnmower Man or Strange Days.
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