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Origins of the Ironman Triathlon and skills

Origins of the Ironman Triathlon and skills

helmet helmet supplier 2016-08-25 11:21:15
Triathlon Sports is one of the sports project, belonging to the comprehensive sports competitions. By the natural water swimming, road bikes, road running sequentially into three, athletes need sailed in and finish the game. 2000 Olympic sport, in 2006 Asian Games projects.
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Triathlon has its origins in United States.

In February 1978, a group of sports officials gathered in a bar in the Hawaiian Islands dispute: which sports the most irritating in the world, challenging the most is a test of will and stamina? Some say is football, some are said to be crossing the sea to swim, there is football, there are said to be long distance bike mountain Marathon, they express their views and debate. Finally, the United States Navy Commodore John Collins proposed that who can in a single day in a rough sea swimming 3.8 km, cycling 180 kilometres around the island, and finally finish the Honolulu Marathon 42.195 km, may not stay in the Middle, who is the real iron man. Collins's idea to get everyone's support, so the next day, 15 people took part in the competition, including 1 woman player. As a result, 12 people finished the game, that's a challenge nature, overcome the self of the new sport in this dramatic, adventurous circumstances was born. The game's first-place finish for 11 hours and 46 minutes.

After the game people call this a continuous composite finished swimming, biking and running, and in the players ' fitness, speed and skills to provide comprehensive sports challenge called "Triathlon". And ratify the contest for the first World Triathlon Championships. Significance is a sport.
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Americans believe that sport is the most irritating, challenging "Triathlon"; the Japanese believe that can best embody the spirit of "Ironman"... In view of the sport of Triathlon in the world is developing rapidly, the Olympics, the goodwill games, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games, world military sports Conference, the Asian Games, China National Games Triathlon as a formal event. Triathlon family was in 1994 by the International Olympic Committee formally included in the Olympic Games, the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games-anticipated first event is the women's Triathlon competition.
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Three are specific tactics:
(1) swimming. You keep swimming fast,; follow the right opponent; Sprint under game conditions play to our strengths, pick up the race.
(2) bicycles. Starting control of the bicycle, to maintain stable ride,; trailing riding, airflow caused by riding with front drive to save energy, and adjust the position depending on the wind, at the time of departure, catch up with or overtake the use of storm technology; 30-50 meters from the finish Sprint towards arrived before.
(3) run. Generally used to run, can save energy, reduce consumption. Runs depending on the physical situation can be flexibly used in leading run followed by and run tactic.

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