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Bike slow ride game rules - helmet suppliers in china

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  • Source:Helmet manufacturers
  • Release on:2016-08-29
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Slower bike riding game format:

1, event: bike slow game.

2, track: 30 meters long and 1 meter wide straights.

3, slow bike riding game rules:

(1) game using the bike Academy (size of 26 inches), performance is good. Next to each bike may be attached to wheels, not being installed in the body with the object, you may not use bike.

(2) when the referee sent the game information, athletes foot off the ground immediately (otherwise liable to mistakes), carried out in the bike lane, when the bicycle front wheel on the starting line, and the game began. When a bicycle wheel at the finish line, the end of the game.
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(3) players in the game, each player has one runway, any part of the body may not touch the ground, the front wheels and the rear wheels of the vehicle must not touch the left side of the lane, touching the ground and wire be cumulative, each no more than three times. (Otherwise liable to mistakes) shall not interfere with other compete, offenders sentenced to failure.

(4) where was sentenced to the athletes have their own mistakes out of the match, regardless of the result.

4, method of calculation:

After the information is issued when the referee started the match, referee of the runway that is switch on the timer when the bicycle rear wheel at the finish line of the runway, close the timer the referee.

5, slow bike riding game:

Peace is the key. In addition, riding in the process, front wheels and rear wheel must always be at a 45 degree angle, exceeds this number, it is easy to fall. Front wheel to undulate slowly, with their feet clamped control the balance of the car.
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Pay attention to balance, as far as possible and the overall Center of gravity, tilt to avoid tipping over. Good brakes, appropriate braking can increase vehicle friction, thus more stable body. Gaze at the front wheel, grasp the direction to avoid vehicles always in one direction. If you can master the cross over front wheels front and rear wheel t-technology is the best, for right-handed, and, the tack is better control of the front wheel to the left, left-hander should turn right.

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