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Climbing beginners in practice what are the areas that need attention

  • Author:aurora
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  • Release on:2016-09-08
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Rock climbing is a dynamic balance of power: 

1. body stability, balance and energy, detailed smaller and lighter.

2. the wrist should be nervous, Palm posted on the wall.

3. medial big toes closer to the rock face, legs slightly bent.

Specialized balance exercises, and basic rules and flexibility exercises:

1. takes note of different hand should grip the fulcrum position, and forced methods.

2. climbing a long route choice easy when both hands rest. Single arm suspension, single-leg support training method is used.

3. body lateral walls, Scouting feet with toe lateral Scouting, do not trample too much, Eli changes or turn around. Use continuous in-situ cross training, and training method.

4. with ribbed top to the waist before the rock wall, weight to the foot, do not let down, especially in the eaves and elevation should be noted. Climbing.

5. points higher, slightly turn the body, Fulcrum waist hip wall backward-oriented, make room for legs.

6. If you are the rock-oriented direct leg lifts.
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Special balance practice Essentials:

1. even the customary rhythm, every detail in place, rising by foot when force, cannot be quickly set their mind on the pedal, the pace is the origin;

2. even used-used to--pause-pause-not even, interval, coherent action and her hands and feet, adjust the center of gravity should be in place, hit after climbing points balance as soon as possible.

3. tread on your toes for a location near the waist, used as a climbing point fold up legs, lower body can be pushed easily.

4. attention orientated towards the wall, flexible, this should be avoided to do less.

5. knee down, the body turns on its side, far arm can stretch as far as possible.
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Respiratory and circulatory function in practice:

Many people do not pay attention to the respiratory system. Emphasize active breathing training and maintenance. In training, conscious active deep breathing, accompanied by their nature encourage shouting (to overcome difficulties), enabling exciting.

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