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First experience of bouldering climbing --- AURORA TEAM

Hello, My friends, This is Nicole from AURORA SPORTS, here l hope you all had spent an enjoyable Christmas with your family and Happy New Year, Warm greetings to you and best wishes for happiness and good luck in the coming year.

During Christmas periods, Our Aurora team went to outside for bouldering climbing which brought us a great delightful day, the bouldering climbing wall is about 20 meters high, it's our first time to climb a such high bouldering climbing wall, as a girl, we were all very scared, weak hands, knees weak and very painful, however, Aurora team is behind and keep shout “come on, keep going, you can do it” ! we weared our own company's climbing helmet (developed and produced by our own factory) that bring me a great sense of security, l never thought that l can get to the top as l ‘m very afraid of heights and weightlessness, it’s amazing l did it.

All the companions in Aurora Team were very tired but very very happy, because of this experience, we will become stronger, l finally understand why most of overseas customers are love at adventure and they have a passion life,young attitude and risk-taking spirit, we should learn from them.

And also, l understand why the demands of climbing helmet is such big, and why our this climbing/resuce safety helmet is such popular in the market, and althought we organized a outing for bouldering climbing, but we also got a order of 206pcs helmet from a rescue team, how beautiful day for our team, and now l’m more proud of our company mission and product, we hope our this rescue safety helmet will help more rescue team and climbing users with 100% security and beautiful life.

At that day,  AURORA team had a nice dinner together, and took a lot of nice pictures, really good.
In the new year, Nicole Here l send you my best wishes, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Fight for 2016! And l appreciate everything l met, thanks to my family, thanks to Aurora, thanks to my all customers, hope your helmet business will be better and better.

If you also want to share our climbing helmet to your country, please don’t hesitate to contact me, here is my contact information.

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