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Helmet feedback from American Captain

Nicole here, wish you had a wonderful weekend ---to all of my friends who are pay attention on us.. 
Haha.. today l felt very very happy, do you know why ? let me share with you, because today l received a most positive feedback from my one of American client ( l always call him American Captain, he is really a kind person, haha ), he is the chief of Fire department in USA, he ordered some rescue  safety helmet one month before, after he received the goods, he is very very satisfied on our products (quality, design, and our service), he shared some pictures to me that they were doing rescue operations, by the pictures seen, American firefighters are very responsible for their job, hope our helmet will bring them good luck, health and happiness.  

If you want to buy our safety helmet or climbing helmet, please don’t hesitate to tell me, l do believe you will got a surprise when you see the actual sample also, haha..

Wonderful day, life is beautiful!!!