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Bicycle helmet factory in China tells you: biker pros and cons

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-10-25
Bike is now more environmentally friendly way to travel, most people would choose to ride a bike near, while riding a bike can have many benefits, but also pay attention to the harm it brings.
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1. the development of the brain, improving physical fitness. Because cycling is opposite control campaigns, so you can improve the agility of the nervous system. Pedaling the legs alternately left and right brain functions at the same time to develop, cycling can also effectively exercise lower leg muscle strength, and strengthen the whole body endurance.

2. weight-loss diet, to induce longevity. In biking, aerobic exercise is periodically carried out by the human body, so exercisers can effectively burn more calories, long achieved significant weight loss results, cycling is an intensive cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary function of movement. So to a certain extent, to induce longevity, it is not surprising.
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3. reduce stress. Regular exercise is good to reduce psychological stress and prevent depression. Especially in times of riding outdoors, mental focus, and along the way you can enjoy some of the landscapes, go riding can also interact with like-minded friends and confidants. These are all good ways to relax.

4. the spine and lumbar spine injuries. The symptoms of these injuries are characterized by pain. Shoulder pain, cause pain in this region is primarily a car top tube longer, handlebar is lower. Neck pain. This phenomenon often there and shoulder pain at the same time. Third, the back pain, which often is caused by the body when cycling, because more power will add burden to the waist, can result in lower back fatigue.
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5. joint damage. The symptoms of this type of injury is characterized by pain. Major knee pain in upper back and knee pain.

6. upper limb injuries. This type of injury is mainly due to compression of upper limb long arm action if not changed much over time, upper limb circulation will be reduced, which is, of course, is bad for the body.

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