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Rock-climbing tips

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmet
  • Release on:2016-05-27
It was sure a lot of people felt that rock climbing is a mainly on upper body strength movements, it was one-sided. Many people climbed for the first time, always arm fatigue, because they cannot understand the leg power. 
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Climbing for the first time, General options, so, if you are older, middle distance, probably most people could climb, but if gamma-some more in a large parking spot because you want to select, so much, it gets tired, even shedding due to the sourcing mistake. 
In fact, for a lot of people first climb, the first is a psychological problem to be solved. First of all, you need to trust your protector, you need to know or ask his climbing and protected experience. Secondly, you want to lock, check equipment and protection, see if the seat belt is locked, lock the door is locked. 

Shenzhen Aurora company tips, rock climbing, climbing and don't forget to wear a helmet to protect safety.
Rock-climbing tips
Rock climbing is a sport exercise comprehensive quality, not only can achieve astonishing courage and superhuman strength, excellent flexibility, can improve endurance and good judgment. 

Daily exercise recommendations: pull-ups can increase arm and finger strength flexible coordination can jump rope exercise; table tennis and chess great benefit to develop judgment; swimming exercises cardiorespiratory function, enhance body strength and endurance. 

Tip: the fingers to grip rock point turns can save hands and feet and, if necessary, "perpetual" is twice more; 
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Falling rock-oriented, pain in limbs stretched out will not touch on the wall; the rock can wear thin-soled shoes, less than half, and much easier; observation points before climbing, selected routes, you can increase the speed of climbing.

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