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Cycling endurance of Technique

  • Author:helmet
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  • Release on:2016-05-20

Bike road racing is a  great way to share a passion with others that love biking.  Being outdoors, having a friendly competition with others is always a nice way to spend the day while getting in your physical activity.  However, one just can not hop on a bike and be ready to race.  Here are some tips that will give you the most success on racing your bike. 
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Are you serious about learning how to increase your endurance during bike Racing? 
First off, you will need to be in shape to race your bike. Having good cardiovascular endurance is essential to bike racing.  There are many programs out there to help with this.  These might include circuit training, interval training and long slow distance training.  Pick a program that will work well with you and go from there.  An individual may also pick to train off the bike, through cross training or other exercises.  This will allow the body to work all muscle groups, curb boredom, and give the biker more strength and flexibility. 
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Two, make sure the bike you are using to race with fits your body properly. One can not ride on a bike and expect to win or place well in a bike race if their bike is too tall or too small for them. A good indication that the bike does not fit your body could be sore backs, necks, or knees, or if the hands or feet go numb.  Another indication the bike is not the proper fit is if one should have to deal with saddle sores. 

Three check your clothing. Now that you have trained for the bike race and have the correct fitting bike, you will need the clothing to go with bike racing. One should opt for tighter fitting clothing to help them with wind resistance.  Wearing tighter fitting clothing will also allow the biker to be safer, as no clothing will be allowed to get caught in a spoke or wheel.  Special clothing is made for bikers to protect against chafing, as well as make the saddle more comfortable. Special bike shoes can also be worn.  These are cleat like shoes that attach to the pedal.  They are easy to put on and off the bike with either a click or a twist release.  The cleat like shoes increase the safety of a biker as well as offer cycling efficiency. A helmet will also be needed for bike racing.  This will protect the head and brain in the unfortunate occurrence of an accident.   More than likely, any bike race an individual is entered in will require a bike helmet for all riders. Look for a  colorful helmet that has plenty of vents to keep air flowing. 
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So now that you have gotten fit, have the perfect fitting bike and biker's clothing, you should be ready to enjoy your race day.  Eat good foods to keep the body full of energy, and drink water to stay hydrated.  Have confidence in your ability to do well with the bike race, and you will succeed.  And follow the motto, Practice makes perfect. 

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