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safety helmet supplier china: 7 riding bike experience

  • Author:Aurora
  • Source:Helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-10-10
1. the ride often eat and drink:
Past standard 1 hour to drink a pot of water, there is now a big kettle is even more convenient. Want to drink too much is difficult, so you can free themselves to drink. I recommend mixed with some electrolytes in water, can increase energy reserves.

2. perhaps improve rider comfort is the most important seat location:
Slightly upturned seat can prevent you from sliding to the front, your body receives the necessary support. If you notice the car now is down, you may need to slightly reduce the number of seats, so you will feel his hands, neck and back pressure also eased.

3. head, sink the shoulder, elbow, let go:
Head too high can lead to hands, neck, arms and shoulders to bear all the pressure, causing unnecessary pain, can also cause control difficulties. Nature while riding a bicycle to look where you want to go, so relax more in other parts of the body. Relaxed body allows bicycles on the road of stone or windy conditions.

4. climb speed before, let the chain and sprockets to bear the burden:
Transmission system to withstand significant load skip teeth, friction or not variable speed is normal. Manual transmission, step on the clutch when shifting, bike how can shift it up? Variable variable is true before.

5. slow ride to ride fast:
If you want to improve your riding level, to do a field test or let the professionals help you measure the lactate threshold heart rate and power, enhanced by training. Easy area below lactate threshold training can lead to long run or ride faster, as the case may be.

6. every few minutes by changing the position of the hands on the handlebars, respectively held on under the head, hands, punches practice:
This exercise makes your muscles neural adaptation, and release when there is wind or climbing power.

7. pedaling in advance:
This means you should begin before the foot reaches the highest point. Feet to try to keep the level slightly lift the toes and heel to sink. Stampede round compared to a clock face, so can you force range in size from two hours to three hours in the area. Another foot, from a 10-point, rather than from 1 o'clock stepped on. If the toes downward, it is difficult to arrive at the start before 12 foot stepped on. (Note: there should be trampled by clockwise, for example)
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