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china bike helmet manufacturers: riding bike makes us smarter, happier life

  • Author:Aurora
  • Source:Helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-10-10
From Canada neuroscience BrianChristie every morning to give him an additional development of the brain (refreshing). Of course, here is not the drink several cups of coffee or one more game sites with high concentration puzzle game. "I usually bring a bike and ride 45 minutes to the stadium, then rode from the gym where I work," he said. "Whenever the ride after the end of a couple of hours in the morning, I feel brain sober, clear and active thinking. After a period of time when I work, when the status is poor, I will once again ride my bike, let your spirit back into the Groove."
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Ride bikes, work, ride a bike, so repeated. Science proves that the system can be stimulated more cycling benefits we don't know. Recently in the journal of clinical and diagnostic research, scientists found that before the test, people cycling between 30 minutes to complete than people without rides have a better memory, reasoning, and planning. And they complete the test of time even shorter.

Of course, in addition to boosting brain growth, riding a bike or other aspects of your health benefits. There has been plenty of scientific experiments and support: an experienced good cycling helps improve your mood, make you feel positive at all times. Riding a bike is inspiring, relieves anxiety, boost pressure can even make your bad mood vanished.
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Even if the movement itself is a health model, but it also consumes energy, will also have a tired, can also produce pressure, especially if you were about to start and return to the stage. When you first start exercising, usually to put some pressure on myself, that your body naturally releases cortisol to prop up your heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar, from MonikaFleshner a Professor of integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado said. When your fitness increases, and you need more time, more difficult to reach the reception and initial state. "Energetic young people, you can choose more difficult riding environments, this is OK. Because your body can withstand this kind of pressure, if you want to workout. "

How to ride a bike in order to make people happy? What exactly is the secret? Bike three to five times a week. Time 45-60 minutes at a time, and keep your heart rate at a maximum amount of 50% to 85% can be made. Of course, this is for ordinary cycling lovers. If you are a serious amateur or professional riding staff, in accordance with specific conditions to adjust it.
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